About Me

A fully qualified fitness and dance instructor with over 20 years experience, I specialise in teaching fitness, step, aerobics/toning, pilates and bootcamp together with Zumba, street and other dance crazes. Trained initially at the renowned Moray House in Edinburgh, completing many workshops and courses, I continue to further my own education and knowledge ensuring I keep up to date with the latest research and trends and able to ensure that my classes remain fresh, relevant and exciting. I teach all age groups and levels including children with learning disabilities and have taught in over 150 schools and organisations across the South of Scotland and the North East of England promoting health and leadership training for children, young people and staff. Full day workshops teaching fitness (mainly through dance) helps young people develop self confidence, self reliance and ambition to achieve their goals, both in work and in their general lives. Showcasing the results to parents, other pupils and members of staff works wonders. Staff training days offer wellbeing and fitness workshops to teachers and training staff to improve health and balance in their increasingly busy and stressful lives. I also run classes and courses for individuals to promote a healthy lifestyle through activity. I have taught Zumba for over and year in Spain and Scotland and have recently trained in "Zumbatomic" which is the dance craze Zumba for kids. My aim is simple….. to continue to work with all age groups to help people feel good about themselves, encourage and motivate a healthy lifestyle whilst having a lot of fun in the process. I AM CURRENTLY RUNNING SOME CLASSES ONLINE DURING THE COVID OUTBREAK. PLEASE CONTACT ME TO ENQUIRE... Check out the timetable on the home page. Click for Class Times